Educating a child is a process that involves teamwork between the teacher, parent and child. Adding to this mix is the extent to which the government is involved in the education process and issues of religious freedom. The government decides the outline of the curriculum that is taught. The mediocrity of today’s school system is the result of political compromise and bureaucratic structuring. The roots of the problems are never addressed or solved.

Moving the public school system beyond religious control has had many positive results. Children are accepted for who they are and not what they believe in. The disadvantages, though, come from trying to mold all children the same way. The opinions of the dominant group rule, and individualism is discouraged. The fact that religion has shaped minds and history is ignored. Promoting a more fundamental system approved by the government has two main faults. First, public monies may end up in the hands of religious schools, a violation of the first amendment. Second, critics feel that many private schools promote segregation, racism and the exclusion of needy students. Allowing public monies for fundamental education would allow anyone to choose his or her school; however, that still bumps up against the first amendment.

The separation of church and state causes many differing opinions, and it creates a situation that is almost impossible to solve. Ideas and boundaries promoted by religion could help the school system. Government makes sure all the citizens have an opportunity. A more sophisticated proposal on the roles of government, parents, religion and education needs to happen to get beyond these issues and find a workable solution.

Debate Definition

Debate is an interactive method of representing an argument. It is not just an ordinary debate that you have in a family or within your company. This form of debate is formal and focuses on some controversial topics. Debate is very common in the school. Students gather together to discuss about a certain issue in which one side is in favor of the issue while the other side is opposed to the issue. It is now the task of both sides to defend their stand over the matter. It is really an exciting activity in school. There are rules to follow when you join in a debate. This activity is so challenging and interesting that there are even contests held every now and then.

Debate Requirements

Debate requires through knowledge to understand the topics and then you will be in a position to voice your opinion towards the subject. If you do not understand the topics well, then it is going to become quite difficult to say anything and hence there is no meaning of any sort of debate. A great and interesting debate requires individuals to showcase to what they feel right and correct and if required can even challenge their opponent as well. There are several debatable topics which you can choose from. The place where you can get them is the internet. You can get them as you browse through various sites and hence in this way, you are going to decide for yourself the preferred topics as well.

The best thing about these sites is that the topics are updated regularly and hence it is going to further assist you in a great way as well. You can have several new topics along a period of time. There are many things or factors which you have to keep in mind with regards to interesting debate topics. The best time to prepare for them is the summer vacations since you do not have any thing to worry. The work pressure is almost negligible and hence you can involve your mind in a great way towards these topics as well. You need to do through research in order to get the right kind of articles. Hence, on the same lines, there are quite a number of times when students get lots of difficulty. At such times, they need to start working on preparing for the speech or else they will have to face a tough time when it comes to cross checking as well.

It is always safe to go for constructive speeches and for that you need to have weeks or even months of training in order to make yourself self dependent in answering any sort of difficulty or questions as well. Since there are usually various interesting debate topics which can be chosen so you should not make the debate an annual affair. If they are held regularly, then it is going to make them learn various things. Similarly, they will become even confident than ever before as well. So become more confident and find a pleasant change in your personality as well. It is the best way to create a long and lasting impression in the minds of some one special as well. So what are you waiting for?