Current debate topics are probably the most dynamic of debate topics. They have the advantage of always being new. Even when old debates are re-opened and re-debated, they are at the mercy of new thinking and past events. An old debate from 100 years ago can be re-opened and become current for the simple fact that so many things have changed. Where the belief that women had no impact on the debate (a prevalent opinion 100 years ago), could now change the whole basis of the debate.

Debating current events is a good way to encourage active learning

Active learning is a process of taking in information, analyzing and concluded upon that information, and then reflecting upon that information and reflecting upon your thoughts towards it. Debates on their own are a good way of doing this, but debating current events has an edge that other debate topics do not. And that is that current debate topics have not yet been covered in depth by other people.

There is less depth to current opinion

When a student is asked to debate current events, the student is not able to go away and steal seven or eight other people’s opinions on the subject and then come back again and claim they are their own. This is quite possible with older debate topics, in fact some school students have been able to go home and at the older siblings for help on debate topics, knowing full well that the older siblings have already covered them and can help them to cheat. This is not possible with current events debate topics, which is the reason that they are so good for active learning. The child is forced to conclude and reflect upon their own thoughts, instead of taking the thoughts of others and claiming that they are their own.