Debate does not always have to revolve around big subjects. It does not always have to be passionate or emotional. Sometimes a debate can be fun. Men have been going to bars with their friends and having debates since the days of Homo Habilis when they ate the rotting apples from the stomachs of deer. That is why when men can go out drinking, and yet have nothing to tell their wives when they get home. “How was John?” they will ask, “I don’t know” says the husband. This is because he and John have spent the last five hours debating whether Fred Flintstone would leave his wife for Betty Rubble.

Fun debates can help to bond people

We all know that people can fall out when they have a difference of opinion, however when he comes to fun debates then there is no need for hurt feelings. Because the subject matter is so inconsequential, there is little need for the discourse to go on after the debate is over, and there is little need for the person who loses the debate to feel angry, sad or cheated.

Some fun debate topics allow humor to enter into the discussion

Funny debate topics will often allow people to take a lighthearted view to their arguments and may even allow them to come up with humorous but incorrect arguments. For example, one could claim that the rent prices next to the waterworks on the monopoly game should be lowered because of the smell coming from the sewerage contained in the neighboring panel. Fun debate topics may be a good way of breaking the ice, and may even be a good way of bonding a team. Bringing a bit of fun and whimsy into team building exercises may allow participants to realize certain similarities amongst each other that they would not have previously recognized.

  1. Is the Simpsons based on the Flintstones?
  2. How did the boring guy keeps Sam the witch in Bewitched when he is so dull?
  3. If you fed a shark garlic, would its breath still smell like fish?
  4. Can your dog read your mind?
  5. How many wives fake their orgasms when there is something good on TV?
  6. Do bald men like sex more?
  7. Is there such a thing as an honest lawyer?
  8. How many sardines can one man fit in his mouth?
  9. Does breast size matter?
  10. How big is too big when it comes to body parts?
  11. Is it how big it is, or what you do with it?
  12. Are older people closer to god?
  13. If Jesus was had moments of doubt and stopped believing in himself, would that be blasphemy?
  14. Should they have a second Olympics for athletes on drugs?
  15. Is North Korea a secret fun park for the very rich?
  16. Does your dog pick a favorite leg to hump?
  17. Which is better, hot neighbors or rich neighbors?
  18. Would you use your body to get a promotion?
  19. Can you get carpet burn on linoleum?
  20. When is a grass stain a sign of a good time?
  21. Can the way a woman walks tell you if she is married?
  22. Is it possible to give birth to curry addicts?
  23. If you eat coal during pregnancy, does your child come out coffee colored?
  24. Is it possible to teach a child to hunt truffles?
  25. Should you scare your elderly neighbors with a grim reaper outfit?
  26. If you only had one hand, would you applaud your own efforts?
  27. Can a man with one ear look good in shades?
  28. If we bread dogs and people, would our women have six nipples?
  29. Who would win in a fight? A bear or a whale?
  30. How many roads must a man really walk?
  31. Does coffee make fat people depressed?
  32. When does tickling turn from fun to sexual harassment?
  33. Do they feed beef to cows in order to make double burgers?
  34. Does KFC have an addictive drug in it?
  35. Is it possible to live on bags of sugar for one full month?
  36. When bulimics throw up, aren’t they just hungry again?
  37. Are women in their 40s better at spotting lies?
  38. Are lines on a mans face handsome or gross?
  39. Does wearing hats send you bald?
  40. Are there any gay men who were raised without a mother?
  41. Why is the dark scary?
  42. Does god cause earthquakes because he is bored?
  43. If you dig up holy ground and put it in your living room, does that mean you don’t have to go to church on Sunday?
  44. What makes farts so funny?
  45. Is there such a thing a cute-ugly?
  46. How come fat women love skinny men?
  47. How come fat men love themselves?
  48. How do you remove a woman’s upper lip hair without her noticing?
  49. Is it possible to fill a balloon with a vacuum?
  50. If god is everywhere, then is he in the hearts of evil people?
  51. Is the devil a misunderstood angel?
  52. Is Satan the scapegoat for gods mistakes?
  53. Is it possible to be too funny?
  54. What sort of job would an agoraphobic claustrophobic suit?
  55. Why don’t we use our ceilings enough?
  56. Would a sphere home save on wallpaper?
  57. Can good swimmers live underwater?
  58. Do birds ever forget the words to their own songs?
  59. Is it okay to wear a tube top to a funeral?
  60. Which would you choose, cheese with glass in, or wine with iron nails in?