Sometimes choosing a debate topic is not an easy task. You need to consider a lot of things when it comes to your students, and this article covers a few of them for you. You should also remember that the debate should engage the students in some way. Doing this will make your job easier as they will put more effort into their work. Here are a few pointers on how to choose the debate topics. Moving on, the following are popular debate topics namely: Abortion, Euthanasia, Death penalty, Racial Discrimination, Same-Sex Marriage, Sex Education, Separation of Church and State and a lot more. You can explore further. Sometimes, in a debate, you are just given a topic and you will be given enough time to compose your ideas. Then, when both parties are ready, then you can start the debate with someone who will act as an arbiter. This arbiter plays an important role. He or she must see to it that both debating parties are equally given a chance to air out their side.

The curriculum you are supposed to follow

If you pick something that is in the curriculum then you are also helping to teach your students things that will be on their tests, as well as teaching them valuable persuasion tools that they will need to help them in the future.

Your students learning and reasoning level

Highly complex issues should be saved for students who have a high standard of reasoning. If there are lots of aspects to consider then it is unfair to give such a topic to people who will not be able to handle it. They will most likely only come up with a few arguments, and those arguments many not relate to the opposing parties points, which will make the debate stuttered and embarrassing.

Your students access to research material

If your students are going to have a hard time researching the topic, then it will not make for a very good debate. Some topics are beyond the understanding of some students. For example, debating higher-level physics matters within an English class is not likely to yield very productive results.

How much time your students have for the task

Don’t forget that good research takes time. If you set a debate and only give your students a few days to study for it, then it is preferable that you set the debate about something they are studying already, or something that they have already studied. Otherwise, they may not have the time to research and come up with compelling arguments.

  1. Are sporting professionals paid too much?
  2. School dress codes should be introduced
  3. Should students be able to choose their own subjects?
  4. Homelessness is the biggest issue in the US
  5. Tattoos and body alterations should be subject to regulations
  6. Torture is acceptable under the right circumstances
  7. The arts are in decline
  8. The modern world no longer needs religion
  9. Fossil fuels are worse than nuclear power
  10. Exams are not an accurate portrayal of student ability
  11. The legalization of drugs would decrease organized crime
  12. Why do people associate themselves with gangs?
  13. Debate whether homosexuality is widespread in the animal kingdom
  14. Civil liberty versus safety with gun control
  15. Should plastic surgery be outlawed?
  16. Free will is a fallacy
  17. The first 3 things you would do as president
  18. Will humans be capable of terra-forming in the future?
  19. Nature is more significant than nurture
  20. The media should be held legally accountable for false reporting
  21. Is there a Multiverse?
  22. Barack Obama has made a good president
  23. If you could travel back in time, would it be right to stop bad things from happening?
  24. Media and entertainment are promoting unrealistic expectations in students
  25. Google is not the best search engine
  26. The driving age should be raised to 18
  27. Enterprise is the future of space exploration and not public institutions
  28. There is no proof to suggest the moon landing was staged
  29. Should an embryo have human rights?
  30. Schools should teach with video games
  31. Science can coexist with religion
  32. There is no way to prove that god exists
  33. Homework should be banned completely
  34. Is Jingoism acceptable?
  35. Rights to intellectual property should be eradicated
  36. Fiscal stimulus or austerity?
  37. Games are better for you than television
  38. Wind power is not a good source of energy
  39. Social network sites should be age-restricted to over-16s
  40. Wikipedia is now a reliable source of information
  41. Do employers discriminate against women?
  42. Does access to condoms increase rates of sexual activity?
  43. Couples should adopt instead of having their own children
  44. Is it better to always be truthful?
  45. The best ways to protect the rainforest
  46. Could it ever be economical to fire junk into space?
  47. It is too late to stop global warming?
  48. All plastic packaging should be banned
  49. What will cities of the future look like?
  50. Religious belief makes you happier
  51. Reading is more interesting than watching TV
  52. Is social media making us less sociable?
  53. What is the best way to help stop people smoking?
  54. Same sex marriage should be legalized
  55. Should computer tablets be allowed in class?
  56. What color were the dinosaurs?
  57. Which methods of persuasion are best?
  58. Does voting really matter?
  59. Is home teaching better than school teaching?
  60. New technology is reducing the student attention-span.

It is really quite interesting to get involve in debates. It is very informative and exciting as well. When you are one of the audiences, you can really feel the tension slowly emanating. Hopefully, you can also try it out for yourself. It is a big challenge to be making up a stand in front of everyone. The most important thing is that you are able to impart your idea about a certain issue and be heard by the people. Bottom line is, we may have some disagreements with other people, but at the end of the day, things will come up clear if you have a very interactive exchange of ideas. It is a great way to gain more knowledge as well.