Having a child is a very big deal, and you have to think about so many things during your pregnancy. One of the biggest decisions is whether or not to have a medicated child birth or a natural birth. Proponents of natural births believe that the drugs could harm the baby and lead to more complications, while proponents of pain medications feel that there is little reason to go through the pain of labor.

Arguments against pain medications

A natural childbirth is one that results in a vaginal birth with no pain medications used at all. This means no epidural, gas or other medications like stadol. Having no drugs in your system allows you to fully experience childbirth, and you are also less likely to have complications. An epidural is proven to increase the risk of further interventions, such as cesarean sections, and some studies also show that the epidural can hinder the breastfeeding relationship. When you are not hooked up to an IV of medication, you are free to move around and assume different positions during labor and delivery. This helps push the baby down and out, while also decreasing your chances of tearing and other issues. All pain medications also have side effects that are only avoided if you choose to not use them; these include horrible headaches, complete numbness that hinders pushing the baby out and other complications.


Arguments for pain medications

You may feel that you do not want to feel the pressure of labor on your body. An epidural can help relax you and allow you to get through the rigors of labor easily. The most basic argument is that there is no reason to feel pain if you do not have to, especially since you take drugs when you are in pain for other reasons. Most of the side effects are not serious, and the drugs can sometimes actually help your body fully dilate and relax to deliver your baby, which is especially important when labor is taking a long time.

Childbirth is a beautiful and memorable experience. The decision to use pain medications or not is your decision alone in most cases, and you can do whatever you feel comfortable with at the time. Research both sides and choose whichever one resonates the most with you.