People will vote for a politician based upon his character or his policies. In an ideal world, we would like to vote for both, but in many cases, we cannot. People vote for character because we cannot predict the future. If you vote for someone’s character then you are saying, “I believe that the choices you make in the future will be in my best interest.” People who vote for policies are saying that, “I agree to vote for you, if you promise to follow through with your promises.”

Debating a topic will help highlight its legitimacy

Sometimes debating a presidential topic is a very good way of highlighting just how legitimate the topic actually is. Scott Adams the creator of the syndicated Dilbert comic pointed out that news stories often drive certain topics out of context. For example, a presidential candidate may say that he or she is going to knock $10,000,000 off the education budget. This fact may be shocking to a lot of people, but a debate upon the subject may highlight if it is a legitimate topic or not. For example knocking such an amount off of a tiny country’s budget may be devastating, but a debate about knocking such amounts of an American budget may show that $10,000,000 is only 0.03% of the USA’s National education budget. A debate would show that this shocking $10,000,000 is actually not such a big deal after all.

Debating a presidential topic will help to highlight the candidates commitment to it

If the candidate is going to promise to do something but it is reasonable to assume that the candidate is going to be able to defend that commitment within presidential debate topics. If the presidential debate takes place and the candidate struggles to defend his or her position or policy, then it will highlight the candidate’s commitments to that policy/position, which may indicate if the candidate intends to keep the promises that he/she makes.


  1. Politician always keep their promises
  2. The fight to implement gun control is a losing battle
  3. America is not the land of the free
  4. The government could do more to help the housing market
  5. America should have a National Health Service
  6. The defense budget is too high
  7. The US spends too much money fighting terrorism
  8. American foreign policy is interventionist
  9. The Presidential term of five years is too long
  10. Immigration controls are not effective enough
  11. America should spend more money looking for oil
  12. The rich/poor divide is wider than ever
  13. Abortion should be legal at 20 weeks
  14. More college places should be open to disadvantaged students
  15. Federal law is not implemented consistently at local level
  16. Space exploration should be shelved in times of economic trouble
  17. Barack Obama will only be remembered for being the first black American President and not for what he achieved
  18. FDR was the greatest president
  19. The end of slavery was inevitable yet Lincoln gets the credit
  20. Higher bank equity is in the public interest
  21. Fat profits make fat cats who become lazy cats
  22. Spending to GDP ratio should be an indicator of economic performance not a driver of it
  23. America’s health care costs are higher than in other developed countries and the gap isn’t closing
  24. Sequestration is a slow bleed
  25. If Europe banishes bankers bonuses should America follow suit?
  26. The US should show its strength in the face of the proliferation of Iran’s nuclear program
  27. The USA should work more closely with China
  28. Should there be a cap on sports star salaries?
  29. There is a strong case that big banks should not receive government subsidies
  30. The IRS cannot catch the significant tax dodgers
  31. The Government could do more to enable flexible and at-home working
  32. Employment creation needs to go hand in hand with spending cuts
  33. Increased government spending will actually save money in the long run
  34. We need Republicans
  35. Deficit reduction is a war not a battle
  36. There needs to be greater Internet control
  37. Improved technology and social media interaction will improve education standards
  38. The Death Penalty is an outdated mode of punishment for the 21st Century
  39. There will never be a woman president of the USA
  40. Charity begins at home
  41. Good economics is good government
  42. We need to do for the women of America – they are undervalued, overworked and underpaid
  43. Math and science education should be made more attractive to females
  44. A ‘culture of death’ is gaining supremacy over a ‘culture of life’ in the world of today
  45. Women make better politicians than men
  46. Bullying is a very real issue that needs to be tackled
  47. America of today has democratic politics but not democratic values
  48. We should measure success by Gross Domestic Happiness instead of through Gross Domestic Product
  49. Should billionaire sports owners fund the construction of new sports facilities and not request it from taxpayers?
  50. Women’s sports should receive as much TV and Media coverage as male sports
  51. There should be more investment in alternative energy sources by the oil companies
  52. Internet censorship is a wasted effort
  53. Open Primaries are the best way of selecting candidates for elections
  54. The USA should sign the Ottawa Agreement which calls for the ban of landmines
  55. The bank on nuclear weapons testing should remain
  56. Torture is not an effective way to get information from terror suspects
  57. We need to do more to eliminate global poverty
  58. There is a danger that US forces will leave Afghanistan too soon leaving the country still vulnerable to the Taleban
  59. The issues of stem cell research
  60. Politicians and public servants who are committed of a legal offence should be removed from office.