The right of a parent to look through his or her child’s phone is a touchy subject.. Many parents think it is their right and duty as parents to watch over their child, even if invades the child’s privacy, while most children feel that this is an absolute invasion of their privacy that should not occur at any time. There is no clear answer to this question. However, it is clear that their are clear arguments for both sides.

Parental rights argument

A parent is in charge of keeping his or her child safe. Many parents believe they have the right to preempt activities which could harm their children by searching through items, including electronic communication. Most parents feel that it is their right and responsibility to read their child’s text messages to ensure that he or she is not doing drugs or having sex. This is a potent argument that has plenty of merit, but oftentimes children do not see it that way.

Child’s right to privacy argument

Most teens feel that they have matured to the point where they deserve some autonomy, and thus believe that any attempt by parents to regulate their lives is unnecessary. In other cases, they believe that some of the activities that parents wish to regulate, such as underage sex, are not such serious problems anyway. Even those teens that have nothing to hide often feel violated, just as an adult would.

Looking through your child’s cell phone really is a touchy matter that you should discuss with your child before you begin snooping around. A set of boundaries discussed in advance is as close to an agreement as parents and children are likely to reach on this touchy topic.